About Me (or something like that)

An ordinary human being with extraordinary dreams. I don't want to get into the usual "about us" nonsense. First of all it's "about me", yes ladies and gents this a one man show. I'm usually in the business of making my client's (I am a graphic designer) companies appear bigger than they are. I didn't want to do that with A-Novel-Tee. It was important to me to brand this company with the concept of a casual conversation between friends. I wanted this to feel more like a boutique rather than a major retail store. I wanted the intimacy not the distance. I'm not looking to gain new customers, I'm looking to gain new friends to share this journey with. As an artist, we share our innermost secrets, successes and failures with the world under the guise of art. My sketchbook has always been my diary and art my therapist. So these designs are more than just products to profit from. They are pieces of me, my story and my dreams. I always say, "be a contributor to this world not just a resident". Thank you for supporting my contribution.